Bouquets to Art – Success with Concrete!

Whew, now I am worried; the structural part of the arrangement (the mechanics) went too smoothly.  It never goes smoothly.  The San Francisco Flower Market is pretty cool, one of the largest wholesale markets in the country.  It was busy this morning with dozens floral designers searching out materials for their exhibits.  I found some purple thistle and fern that shares textures with the art, so that is my starting point.  I also picked up some green spray rose, air plants and couple of other types of fern.  Somehow this is all going to be open and airy, creating an engaging play of shadow just like the Asawa art. Not so sure about the keeping it simple part today. 


Next up:  Build the actual floral arrangement.  The difficulty will be creating some airy that really doesn’t have a base, and contains enough water to sustain it for a week.  Otherwise I’ll need to replace it during the week.  The branchy ball is a stark reminder of the small scale of the arrangement.