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Now, I hope you enjoy my quirky pattern celebrating the color emerald green.  I found it a difficult color since it has such great influence on surrounding colors, anything lighter looks too bright, anything darker appears muddy.  With such a rich complex color, I suppose we should expect a little diva-tude!

Emerald Starflower

Emerald Starflower

The next stop in your graphical journey is the delightful Claire Smillie!  Enjoy!

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Drumroll please!

It’s official, the business has a name!

Scherzo Design

Where did it come from:   Etymology:  From Italian scherzo “joke, play”, from scherzare “to joke, jest” from Old Italian scherzare, of Germanic origin, from Lombardic *skerzan “to jump merrily, enjoy oneself, jest”

Noun:  (music) A piece of music or a movement from a larger piece such as a symphony; especially, a piece of music played in a playful manner, played in triple time

Scherzo.   Not only is it a word that evokes liveliness from it pronounciation, it’s meaning also reflects our design esthetic.  While design can be classic and formal, it doesn’t have to be serious.  What makes a design interesting and compelling is when a little something is included that is unexpected.  It may be as subtle as a color highlight or as overt as combining contrasting elements.   It allows the design to engage the beholder with a little wink.