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If anyone is struggling with creating their brand, messaging and style, I just received notice of a 6 week class offered by Monica Lee that specifically addresses the process of that discovery. I haven’t taken any of her classes, but have enjoyed her webinars, writings.  I know that I have struggled to find the balance between what manufacturers are looking for with my personal design style; and to find a way to effectively communicate it.  And I am a professional marketing/communications expert!   This class addresses these issues and more..


Check it out and see if you can qualify for discount and special offer for one-on-one session with Monica.

Pin Hop 2013 – a virtual art show











Today is Pin Hop day! In fact, a whole Pin Hop weekend.

A bunch of really talented designers from all over the world prepared lots of great patterns to share with people who love patterns. The Pin Hop is an initiative of Tina Olsson, from Fyllayta. Her hard work and initiative were essential to make it possible. Thank you, Tina!

I submitted one collection inspired by the Midnight Garden theme.  hope you like the patterns and story I used to develop them. I found lots of inspiration from the long days of late Spring in northern California when daylight and moonlight combine to create some fantastical landscapes.

pin hop june banner - Scherzo

In case you haven’t done so, or in case you want to do it again, you can go to the main pinterest board and find a print from each designer taking part in this hop.

In case you like any of my patterns, don’t hesitate to contact me.  I am available for commission or licensed work and would love to share my portfolio with you.  Please use the comment form below; the website will be available soon, I promise!

2013 Bouquets to Art – Interpreting Ruth Asawa

ImageBouquets to Art is a major fund raiser for the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco – it pairs floral designers with major pieces of art on display throughout the museum.  This is my 6th year participating as a designer and thought I would share the process with you.

Two weeks ago, I was paired with a beautiful metal sculpture by Ruth Asawa; to call it metal macramé doesn’t do it justice but perhaps provides some context beyond the photo.  It is my second time attempting to interpret Ruth Asawa – last year my exhibit just didn’t quite realize my vision, so I requested a rematch!

A week or so ago, I was at the museum and visited the space.  Her art is difficult to capture since so much of the beauty is in the shadows cast by the intricate weavings and texture of the pieces.  And they are metallic, not exactly a color found in floral material.  So my inspiration is to try and work with the shadows and surroundings.

I did a couple of sketches, refining the composition of the exhibit.  I’ve learned from past experience to keep it simple (a lesson I have to relearn each year!), so I plan to work in a fairly small scale.


Next up:  Production of the mechanics.  Needs to follow rules of public space (stability, access), museum (no products that can introduce anything that could damage surrounding artwork) and floral (water source, longevity).

Thanks for participating in our bloghop!

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Now, I hope you enjoy my quirky pattern celebrating the color emerald green.  I found it a difficult color since it has such great influence on surrounding colors, anything lighter looks too bright, anything darker appears muddy.  With such a rich complex color, I suppose we should expect a little diva-tude!

Emerald Starflower

Emerald Starflower

The next stop in your graphical journey is the delightful Claire Smillie!  Enjoy!

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