2013 Bouquets to Art – Interpreting Ruth Asawa

ImageBouquets to Art is a major fund raiser for the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco – it pairs floral designers with major pieces of art on display throughout the museum.  This is my 6th year participating as a designer and thought I would share the process with you.

Two weeks ago, I was paired with a beautiful metal sculpture by Ruth Asawa; to call it metal macramé doesn’t do it justice but perhaps provides some context beyond the photo.  It is my second time attempting to interpret Ruth Asawa – last year my exhibit just didn’t quite realize my vision, so I requested a rematch!

A week or so ago, I was at the museum and visited the space.  Her art is difficult to capture since so much of the beauty is in the shadows cast by the intricate weavings and texture of the pieces.  And they are metallic, not exactly a color found in floral material.  So my inspiration is to try and work with the shadows and surroundings.

I did a couple of sketches, refining the composition of the exhibit.  I’ve learned from past experience to keep it simple (a lesson I have to relearn each year!), so I plan to work in a fairly small scale.


Next up:  Production of the mechanics.  Needs to follow rules of public space (stability, access), museum (no products that can introduce anything that could damage surrounding artwork) and floral (water source, longevity).

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